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Some audiophiles find little interests them these days, reflecting on their first experience of the classic Apogee Acoustics speakers - what would it be like to go back in time and acquire original designed speakers, made as good as they can be? Wonder no longer!

Introducing CLASSIC, the new made to order range from Apogee Acoustics.

It is many years now since I took up the task of looking after Apogee owners out there by supplying highly accurate Apogee Acoustic's Perigee-process machined ribbons made from the same foils and Kapton as the original Apogee ribbons, but to tighter tolerances and specifications. In the last few times I have had many classic original Apogee speakers here requiring new woodwork or magnetics due to accident damage or original tolerance problems, and have rebuilt them all to a highly accurate standard. Over this time I have often thought there may be a few people out here that would like to buy new guaranteed speakers, made to blueprint designs but using very accurate modern manufacturing as used in our Perigee speakers. In other ways accurate replicas of what they have owned or experienced in the past. If you are one of these people then the wait is over! It is with pleasure I offer this new made to order factory or installer direct service of making some of the older Apogee’s as the “CLASSIC” range. Unlike the Apogee Acoustic's (Perigee) previous speakers or our HIGH EFFICIENCY planars these will be limited production and are not intended to be sold through dealers (except Apogeeribbon repairers) to keep costs down, and value for money up. Initially the service shall be limited to a couple of the mid 1980’s Apogee types, and the range will expand as per demand. As they are not a production speaker as such, options for colour will be wide, limited only to automotive colours available worldwide. Please contact us directly for further details. Now you won’t need a good luck and a time machine to get some freshly made accurate classic Apogee-Style speakers.

New names, old faces, fresh colours. The Classic range will be identified by height in meters, for example a Classic 1.5DS would be extremely alike to an Apogee Duetta Signature (in crate). Differences are the ribbons are made to within a 1mm tolerance, damping material is made to last and all woodwork tolerances are substantially tightened. Standard screw fixings are uprated to last longer, and steelwork normally prone to rust over time in the original Apogee range is replaced with stainless steel, or if steel is used this is plated for longer life. Stands are industrial powder coated to withstand vacuum cleaner knocks better, and paintwork is also offered in gloss or metallic colours like the silver below.

All speakers are crated in aluminium framed foam lined ply crates, made to protect the speakers for worldwide shipping.

This service is not intended to replace the ribbon replacement service – this will continue to be offered to those who need it, so field refurbishment of original speakers is still an option for those looking to restore the older Apogee’s.

Classic - a tangible tribute to Apogee of the past

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