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Specifications, in a typical ideal room (3000 cubic feet);-
Frequency response, full range 20hz-25+khz
Size on plinth 1.5m high, 0.45m deep, 0.9m width
Efficiency 95 db/w
Impedance 2.5 ohms
Ribbons Bass = LM
Midrange and Tweeters
SLW (Super Light Weight) foil
Crossover North Creek first order
Connections Passive and Active tri-connections

Partnering equipment from passive single amp to active triamp*,
all steps in between available with no modifications. 
Amps can be 20-100w

Options XLM bass ribbons, Boccino Audio binding posts

Colours any automotive colour on request

*amps must have less than 1mv dc offset and no turn-on/off transient noise

Pricing - subject to options, without crossover from $31,000USD, with crossover from $32,000USD

Pricing -


Synergy 1.5  Information 

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